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Eating tapas is a way to socialize...

Tapas is to be shared nad to be enjoyed. Take your time with your meal. Talk to each other, enjoy your Company. All dished are prepared a minute, so no need to hurry take your time! Now enjoy the unique atmosphere at Papas Tapas and have a great evening!


Tapas is a collective name for small dishes derived from Spain, but has influences from all over the Mediterranean. The name comes from the verb tapar, which can be translated with “to cover”, as in putting on a cover. It is said that before in the world you had problems with flies and insects in the baes and simply covered a stop with wine with a small dish on which you put some ham and other small dishes. Others say that it was a way to reduce the buzzing, by having pub guests as well as courtiers at large invitations at the palace got a few chews in between the glasses. Regardless of which saying is correct, tapas has been widely used as a concept throughout the world. It stands for a variety of light dishes that are quick, simple and good.

Tapas can be anything but the most common are slices with different kinds of cheese and ham, cooked vegetables, deep-fried fish and seafood in marinade. But cooking does not have to be advanced at all. A bowl of olives or nuts, or just a piece of bread with olive oil and salt can also be counted as tapas. Among our classic tapas you will find crispy Calamaes (octopus rings), Gambas tigres (garlic and chili marinated prawns toasted in their shells), Pinchos papas (two small delicious spiced beef fillets), Gambas al ajillo (garlic and chilli-roasted shrimp in olive oil with piri-pirik spices), Queso de cabra (chevré cheese with pine nuts, serrano ham and honey) and many other tasty, tasty tapas. In the Basque country, tapas is called pintxos (pinchos), which often refers to small pieces of bread with something good on top, and a toothpick that runs through it. Tapas is the small dish menu. If you want to eat a larger portion you ask for a ración.



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